How to train at home

How to train at home

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How to train at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym: a tight work schedule, the lack of halls in comfortable accessibility, the unwillingness to work in one room with other people. But still, you want to maintain your physical condition and / or appearance at a high level. In this case, you can think about home training. The first option - the most obvious, if there is a financial opportunity: to create a mini-lounge at home. If you prefer strength training, you can buy a fitness station: this is a combined design, which combines different simulators, mainly in the block. There are fitness stations that allow you to train literally all muscle groups and perform up to 30 different exercises. You can buy a combined bench for bench press and stands for squats, stamp and wheels, as well as collapsible dumbbells. The only thing that can not be done in an apartment, if you live above the first floor, is the thrust of the estate, for obvious reasons. However, this possibility is far from all, especially if the apartment is one-room. It is possible to carry out effective training with own weight. For example, static exercises, such as different laths, racks, "hardening" in squatting, etc., may look simple at first glance, but in fact really really strengthen the muscles. Static exercise perfectly strengthens muscle corset and literally always take more than one group of muscles. In addition, the tendons are strengthened, which leads to a significant increase in strength indicators. In continuation of the previous method, one can draw attention to the training on the method of Alexander Zass - "Iron Samson", which tore chains that withstood 800 kg. The basis of his training was exactly the isometric exercise. However, such a system of training is suitable, rather, for people with good initial physical training, and not completely newbies. If your goal is to maintain a shape without excess fat deposits, it will be a good idea to buy a cardioverter (jogging track, orbitreck, exercise bike, etc.). And during training combine classes on such a simulator and exercises from the crossfit, aimed at slimming. Well, of course, the simplest and most affordable option for every one is the 15-minute physical training, which was taught as a child in school. It includes warming up the muscles of the neck, back and legs. These are the same circular rotations of the head, tilting aside and forward, squatting, moving forward and aside, in the end - stretching. Such a simple complex is desirable to perform in the morning to cheer up and adjust the body to the working order. Such a charge can be easily extended and supplemented by any exercises to your liking.
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