Sophia Park in Uman

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Sophia park

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Sophia Park in Uman

 National denropark Sofiyivka (Sophia Park) was founded in 1796 by the owner of the city of Uman, Polish magnate Stanislav Potocki. The park was named in honor of his wife Sophia Witt-Potocki and was presented to her birthday in May 1802.

 Above the topography and architecture of the new park served Polish military engineer Ludwig Mettsel, all work in the park were the fortress of Uman.

 Main composition Sophia park is on a channel of Kamenka, where there is a series of pools and ponds: Upper - more than 8 hectares, lower - about 1.5 hectares, and others, one of which falls 14 meters in height, gateways, waterfalls, and underground river Acheron length 224 m. The park is decorated Lefkadiaki and Tarpeian cliffs, grottoes of Venus, "nut", "Fear and doubt, pavilions pergolas, sculptures.

 Sophia park open to visitors daily from 9 o'clock, after 18 hours of the entrance to the park is free. To services of visitors of the many guides.


Sophia park
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