Livadia Palace in Yalta
Yalta Livadia Palace, the photo and description of the Livadia Palace, the historical facts about the Livadia Palace, excursion to the Livadia Palace, the main attraction of the Crimea

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Livadia Palace

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Livadia Palace in Yalta

 Great Livadia Palace - former summer residence of Emperor Nicholas II-the main sight of Yalta. Today it is one of the most visited in the world of palaces. Livadia architectural and park complex, one of the outstanding monuments of architectural and gardening art. The palace was erected on the draft remarkable Yalta architect, academician Krasnov (1865-1939) in the style of the Italian Renaissance. On the first floor of the palace five ceremonial rooms on the second there were private rooms of the royal family.

 In the Livadia Palace complex, in addition to the Grand Palace, the suite consists of building, the Palace Minister of the Court Baron Fredericks, built simultaneously with the palace, the palace church in the name of the Exaltation of the Cross, built in 1872, and an Italian courtyard. By the way, the internal gates of the Italian piazza, as evidenced by Krasnov, "the Italian works, in 1750 taken from Verona," and not made masters of the Urals, allegedly in our recent years and the stories the guides.

 In 1925 the former royal palace has been opened a sanatorium for peasants, and later, in 1931, converted to climatic treatment plant.

 4-11 February 1945, three months before the victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Hall of the palace held the Crimea Conference the three heads of government of anti-Hitler coalition - the USSR, the United States and Britain, which adopted the "Declaration on Liberated Europe", the decision to establish UN and other documents which were important for the fate of world importance. During the conference at the palace was the residence of United States President Roosevelt. In 1974 at the Grand Palace opened showroom. Around the palace - the old park, laid in 1835. This is the largest fleet in the Crimea, together with the neighboring Oread its area is 160 ha. It has a good body-spatial solution - there are many large terraces, spacious, with a broad overview, viewing platforms.


Great Livadia Palace
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