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Attractions in Uman

0* Monument Kotovsky, Памятник Котовскому
Monument Kotovsky, Памятник Котовскому
Location: Ukraine, Uman

 Monument Kotovsky in Uman was established in honor of Kotovskogo Gregory (1881-1925). Gregory Kotovskij was a great leader and guerrilla commander. Born Kotovskij from Bessarabia. Being an anarchist in 1919, Gregory had fought on the southern Ukraine against the army of the UPR and Denikin. The summer of 1920 led the Red cavalry came to Lvov. Subsequently fought against Ukrainian insurgents, and in September 1920, was defeated by the Chernyh Zaporozhtsev under Galuzintsami. In 1921, the fall, Gregory Kotovskij liquidate part of the Second Winter Hiking at Bazaar. Kotovsky was one of the organizers of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

0* Nachman's Grave, Могила Нахмана
Nachman's Grave, Могила Нахмана
Location: Ukraine, Uman

 Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was born April 4, 1772. Braslav Nachman was the founder of Hasidism. He railed against the other leaders of Hasidism, accusing them of decline Hasidic movement. In 1810, Rabbi Nahman, in anticipation of imminent death, he decided to move and settle in Uman. There he died on October 16, 1810 of tuberculosis and was buried in a Jewish cemetery next to the dead from the massacre during the uprising Haidamaks - Koliivschiny. Nahman's grave is a place of worship Hasidim who come here from all over the world.

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