Attractions in Yalta
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Attractions in Yalta

0* Livadia Palace, Ливадийский Дворец
Livadia Palace, Ливадийский Дворец
Location: Ukraine, Yalta

 Great Livadia Palace - former summer residence of Emperor Nicholas II-the main sight of Yalta. Today it is one of the most visited in the world of palaces. Livadia architectural and park complex, one of the outstanding monuments of architectural and gardening art. The palace was erected on the draft remarkable Yalta architect, academician Krasnov (1865-1939) in the style of the Italian Renaissance. On the first floor of the palace five ceremonial rooms on the second there were private rooms of the royal family.

0* Massandra Palace, Массандровский дворец
Massandra Palace, Массандровский дворец
Location: Ukraine, Yalta

 In Upper Yalta is one of the best architectural monuments of the Southern coast of Crimea - the palace of Emperor Alexander III. He was elevated to the slopes of the mountain range, in a secluded spot, surrounded by forest. Its construction began in 1881, commissioned by the Governor heir - Prince Vorontsov, but a year later the prince died. In 1889 Massandrovsky estate Vorontsov, along with the unfinished palace, bought for the Emperor Alexander III. Three years later the palace was completed, but Alexander III, live in it did not have to: in 1894 he died in the Small Livadia.

0* Swallows Nest, Ласточкино гнездо
Swallows Nest, Ласточкино гнездо
Location: Ukraine, Yalta

 Swallow's Nest was built in 1912 by architect A. Sherwood, the son of renowned architect VO Sherwood, creator of the building of the Historical Museum on Red Square in Moscow. Swallow's Nest - a symbol of the Crimean peninsula, shown in millions of photographs and postcards. Swallow's nest is decorated with steep slopes Avroryanoy cliffs of Cape Ai-Todor. Despite the apparent fragility and instability, this building, a medieval castle, survived 6.7 magnitude earthquake in 1927. Reliable pier below the bay allows local traffic to moor the ship, even in 4-tenths storm. Around - a park, but there are two of the sanatorium: "Pearl" and "Sail".

0* Vorontsov's Palace, Воронцовский дворец
Vorontsov's Palace, Воронцовский дворец
Location: Ukraine, Yalta

 Vorontsov's Palace in Yalta is a unique architectural monument of the first half of the XIX century. The palace was built in the era of romanticism, he strikes a modern viewer a vivid originality of architectural forms. The original plan, an interesting style decision of each of the buildings, the skill with which lined the walls and finishing the interior - all this admiration of any who came here. Hundreds of the serfs and civilian workers here have invested their talent and labor. It was so skillfully used the terrain that seems to grow out of the palace of the surrounding nature.

0* Waterfall Uchan-Su, Водопад Учан-Су
Waterfall Uchan-Su, Водопад Учан-Су
Location: Ukraine, Yalta

 Uchan-Su waterfall - the largest to an altitude of 100 meters in Ukraine and the most spectacular. It is located 4 km from Yalta. It is especially beautiful during the snowmelt. Ribbon Falls is clearly visible from afar on the background of dark-gray cliffs. The deafening roar of falling water is spread far around, and the jet is hidden under the opaque veil of spray.

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