Business translations in LingMAX translation agency - myths and reality

Business translations in LingMAX translation agency - myths and reality

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Business translations in LingMAX translation agency - myths and reality

In this article we will talk about translation services in the business sphere. If it is necessary to translate into a foreign language, the material must be adapted. It is worth noting that this is a very complex process, having its own specifics. Since we have to work with idioms, dialect, slang expressions, etc. After adaptation, the material acquires a completed form and becomes understandable to the audience for which it is intended. Let's talk about the most popular misconceptions in the field of business translation. To obtain a qualitative result, it is sufficient to confine oneself to the services of one specialist A widespread stereotype among customers. It should be understood that working with advertising texts is carried out in several stages. Initially, the translation is performed, then the material is adapted, then the editing and correction follows. At the final stage, the text is processed in accordance with the requirements of the client. In the labor process, specialists of different profiles are involved. Involving a native speaker does not always solve the problem of quality translation Let's consider an example. It is required to translate the text into a foreign language. The task is assigned to the native speaker. A person grew up in a certain region of the country, and the target audience of the material is the inhabitants of another region, where an entirely different dialect. As a result, it is likely that the text will be incomprehensible to readers. In addition, some such specialists do not speak their native language well. Machine translation is used as an alternative to human labor This is fundamentally wrong. The development of technology has greatly facilitated the work of specialists in the translation industry. Typically, such systems help to understand the general meaning of the material. Also they are used when working with the same type of texts with repetitive fragments of information. It should be understood that only a person can make a quality translation. The quality of the target text does not depend on the source document Customers should take care of careful preparation of the material. Carefully read the text. Make sure that there are no errors, inaccuracies, and misprints. Thus, you greatly simplify the task of the performers. Please provide reference materials. They include thematic literature, samples of similar works, glossaries. Change of the performer does not affect the final result in any way Unfortunately, not a fact. If the same specialists at the Kyiv city's translation agency Dialog-Kiev are working on the order, in time they will delve deeper into the topic and clearly fulfill the client's requirements. Experience increases the productivity of labor and the quality of translation. Therefore, for a positive result in the field of technical translations, we recommend finding good performers and constantly working with them. Practice shows that the change of the translator in some cases negatively affected the quality of the material. As a result, it had to be modified.
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