Friendly country Bulgaria

Friendly country Bulgaria

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Friendly country Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist countries in Europe.

Picturesque nature, sandy beaches, bright sunshine, many attractions once again speak of a good and comfortable stay in this wonderful corner of the Earth. Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are the famous sandy beaches.

There are many hotels, restaurants, cultural centers and resorts that you can visit, and there are many discos and cultural events where you can enjoy your evening with a friendly company or the whole family. Almost everyone can make a trip to Bulgaria! Anyone who visits here once will remember this paradise, which they visit again and again forever!

Bulgaria is considered the largest holiday destination on the coast - “Sunny Beach”.

Rest here is more suitable for young vacationers, but also suitable for families. The environment at this resort meets all the requirements of a good holiday for all tourists of this wonderful country.

You can travel around Bulgaria by bus or taxi. A one-way taxi ride costs ~ 1 lev. However, you can walk in your own car or rent a car. Bulgaria and all the sights are very good, especially in the evening lights of the city! In the evenings, this country looks more charming and mysterious than during the day.

As for the language in the country, the official language is Bulgarian. In hotels and cafes you can speak English, French and German, but at airports, on highways and in resorts traffic signs are reproduced in Latin. Bulgarian beaches are famous for their elegant wine drinks, lush vegetation and accessibility. Tours to Bulgaria are in great demand due to beautiful sights, good food and affordable prices.

Currency - LEO. 1 - LEO - 100 stotinki. Due to the low prices in the country, you can buy many souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends.

These stylish resorts are a wonderful country with a warm sea and bright sun! Bulgaria, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the owner of beautiful beaches, the opportunity to make many trips to historical places and attractions of this magical country! Therefore, tours to Bulgaria are becoming quite popular among tourists of different nationalities, everyone wants to visit this magnificent place and spend a wonderful vacation on the coast of the Bulgarian Peninsula.

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