We go to the Carpathians: how much it will cost vacation in the midst of the winter season

We go to the Carpathians: how much it will cost vacation in the midst of the winter season

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We go to the Carpathians: how much it will cost vacation in the midst of the winter season

Let us compare the most desirable tourist destinations in the Ukrainian mountains. The most famous and largest ski resort in the Carpathian mountains, Bukovel, invites guests at the grand opening of the season. We are talking about a mass skiing season because Bukovel officially welcomed its first skiers on November 15th. On this occasion, from 9 to 11 December will take place the festival "Mountain name" with the participation of well-known DJs and bands. Fans of active sports can not only listen to good music, and test equipment, participate in master classes and competitions. The cost of the festival band starts with 499 hryvnia. The highest resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Dragobrat. Known more severe position: take the base Dragobrat is possible only with the help of sverhprohodimyh vehicles. The snow at the foot of the mountains and Rick Bliznitsa stable is from November until May, so here on Dragobrat hotels totally accept more tourists than at other resorts. Depending on the type of accommodation you can choose accommodation from 500 hryvnia for one night in a standard breakfast. Quadruple family room will cost an average of 2000 UAH / night. It is possible to rent a cottage for six people - in this case will have to pay 1900 USD / night. Walk around here and make sure: in Slavske winter holiday is becoming more popular. Mountain Trostyan, Pogar and Kremin around Slavskogo well established among beginners and professionals in alpine skiing. Even the children, for the first time set foot on the skis, will soon be able to surprise their parents riding quality - at the resort are ski schools, instructors offer services for riders of all levels. As for the room rates, it is considered economical Slavske resort with excellent infrastructure. Double standard costs from 175 hryvnia for one night Apartment in a tourist complex can accommodate up to 10 people for 5000 UAH / day. A small village Vorokhta can please the winter tourist thoughtful recreational activities, rich excursion program, infrastructure and housing prices. Settle by the hostel is now worth 120 hryvnia per person per night in a private estate - from 165 UAH Suite for two will cost 400 hryvnia. It is here, in Vorokhta hotels offer very attractive conditions for placement. And if you take into account the tremendous natural potential, it becomes apparent the annual tourist flow growth in this region. New Year Offers in the resorts of the Carpathians Above you can familiarize with the comparative rates at normal winter days. In the New Year's Eve there are other fees - on Dragobrat can book a room / cottage for the 1200 - 2000 UAH, Slavske 500 - 13500 UAH, Vorokhta price for accommodation will vary between 180 - 3300 UAH.
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