Contextual advertising - it is an effective advertising on the Internet to find out the benefits

Contextual advertising - it is an effective advertising on the Internet to find out the benefits

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Contextual advertising - it is an effective advertising on the Internet to find out the benefits

Contextual advertising - it is an effective advertising on the Internet to find out the benefits Over the past five years to increase to 60 percent for the year Internet advertising market is experiencing. And all because even big companies or corporations that have previously invested a lot of money in advertising on radio or television is very often pass on advertising on the Internet. And the lion's share of it, of course, takes contextual advertising. Website Promotion in Kiev Any active user of the Internet very often see such advertising on the search engine results, as it is most commonly used to offer and promote products and services. SEO site optimization requires long-term work and big investments, while at the same time, the context gives a quick effect and allow to make your site now. Contextual advertising, set-up and service Contextual advertising is a search and thematic. First appears after the introduction of the request by the user in the search box and click "Search" button. This declaration corresponds exactly to submit requests, and all profit from it receives the content network Google and Yandex. Order contextual advertising Google and Yandex - then use a powerful way to quickly attract customers. This type of advertising on the network, which is unique in the fact that the ads on the pages, sites, are displayed according to their content, in fact here and is its name.  A distinctive feature of the second that the half value gets created transitions, the owner of the resource or site where it is located, and the other half - the advertising network. contextual advertising services Advantages and disadvantages of PPC advertising Benefits: minimum budget informative and easy format almost 100% hit the target audience very fast return flexibility and ease of configuration and optimization powerful analytics Disadvantages: You get customers only pay for services while; uselessness and ineffectiveness for some business sectors (food sales, sale of petroleum products and other energy sources). PPC advertising cost Logically, the most important indicator of the use of contextual advertising is the cost of a click (go on an advertising link). At its price affects the niche or the scope of the advertised business. Finance, construction, medicine - the scope of the most competitive and, accordingly, the cost of clicks they can be quite high. In the business niche with little competition (consumer goods, hobbies, games and entertainment) value will be lower. It is worth noting that ads are shown to search engines on the auction principle. This means that the proposals with the highest cost will be placed at the most efficient locations. Contextual advertising Goolge and Yandex How to set up an advertising campaign? Almost all known kontekstologi offer advertisers to use a strategy of "maximum efficiency". This means that your ad will appear on the expensive places and potential customers will see them there, where the highest probability of transition. It is clear that the value of clicks will be too high when such a scenario. This strategy is not always appropriate and justified, because if intelligently optimize settings, you can for the same amount to buy a much larger number of clicks. Naturally, you need to know how to do it.
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