Tours in Martigny, Switzerland

Tours in Martigny, Switzerland

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Tours in Martigny, Switzerland

A trip to Martigny - a small cozy town nestled in the mountains, can be quite budget. Due to last minute Switzerland, the prices of which can not fail to please, many are able to make such a journey. Surrounded by picturesque forests and vineyards of the town hospitably welcomes its guests from all over Europe. One of the most famous attractions of Martigny is the ancient amphitheater, built during the reign of Emperor Trajan in the II century BC In 1987, this building, used today for bull fights, was studied and restored. Construction of mass entertainment can accommodate about 5,000 people and has about 70 meters in diameter. A little more than a kilometer separates the amphitheater of the other silent witnesses of bygone eras - Semblane mill. Currently, this is the oldest in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the mill operates as regularly as in the XIX century, when it was built. The restaurant adjacent to the construction of the travelers will be offered dishes made with locally produced flour, and other goodies. A real gem of Martigny is considered the parish church, which gained its present form in the XVII century. Construction of a tall bell tower and decorated with sculpture doors has incorporated the features of Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque style. Inside the building is worth paying special attention to the polychrome crucifix dated 1495 year, and in 1671 made of walnut episcopal chair. Very popular among the fans of our brethren are excursions to the St. Bernard dog breed Museum, which collects works of art, documents, photographs and other exhibits related to these animals. Tourists who choose inexpensive vacation in Martigny, will receive interesting information about the legendary Barry - rescue dogs, who lived in the XIX century. The institution was founded in 2006 by means of wattwil spouses. Connoisseurs of art will not leave indifferent Dzhianada visit to the Museum, which contains paintings and sculptures of famous European masters. One of the collections of institutions includes 50 vintage cars built in 1897-1939 years. In the halls of the museum exhibits also archaeological finds are of great value. Younger guests Martigny come to the delight of the tour in located between this settlement and the Saint-Maurice amusement park "Maze Adventure." Unusual exciting action awaits those who try to overcome obstacles and find the right way in this fantastic children's country. Labyrinth, which is the largest in the world, operates from March to November. Martigny is also famous for its music festival brings together renowned artists and music fans from around the world. Incredible fun events is the Beer Festival, during which locals and visitors can come to know the taste of approximately 250 kinds of beer. It's nice that cheap trips to Switzerland, give people the opportunity to touch the traditions and culture of such colorful cities like Martigny. Bright emotions leave and inexpensive holiday in Vietnam in August - the country most picturesque scenery and favorable climate. Mythological dragons depicted on the monuments of architecture, rice fields, the tombs of the emperors - is only a few pieces of the mosaic, which consists of an amazing journey in the state.
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