Features tile production Polis

Features tile production Polis

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Features tile production Polis

Unique Tile Polis, which can be bought on our website, since 1972, enjoys strong demand in the majority of potential customers who appreciate high quality and impeccable design style. Among the obvious advantages of this product, it should be noted the following characteristics: In the production of the developers of the presented products are used only proven and environmentally friendly raw materials, which is based on part of the special red clay. For flooring current models can be selected with a matte finish that completely eliminates slipping as the wet and dry floor. As a result, sales of tiles Polis increase significantly. Abrasion products of PEI 3, which allows the use of Polis tile in Moscow for facing of bathrooms and toilets in hotels or homes. The surface of these products can be cleaned with ordinary soap means, regardless of the presence of the abrasive particles. Now, buy a tile Polis here in our online store, which offers a wide selection as current models and collections that have already become classics of facing products. Ceramic tile for kitchen - creating a unique and stylish interior For each family is important to create in your own kitchen for maximum comfort and a cozy atmosphere in which to cook and please your family a delicious meal. Therefore, in the process of repair work, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of suitable tiles for the kitchen, which must meet the basic requirements of every client. First - this is, of course, design registration, or, in other words, the picture that we see in the first place. Tiles for the kitchen can be a variety of colors, depending on your imagination and style of the interior, which you plan to create in the kitchen area. For example, for small kitchens is best to choose tiles for the kitchen more bright colors that can visually expand the space and fill the room with light. For large-sized premises advisable to choose products of dark tones. This may be blue, purple, dark green and other colors. Also, a modern kitchen tiles have to effectively fit into your decor, so it is best to choose shades of a color of curtains, kitchen or tableware. Hurry to buy a tile for the kitchen on this source of global manufacturing companies at a bargain price.
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