First date How do you like a man?

First date How do you like a man?

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First date How do you like a man?

The first date is always an exciting process, regardless of how old you are and how many first dates you have already had. So how to overcome fear and get the pleasure of the meeting? To do this, follow the three simple rules.

Rule 1. Always be yourself
Very often, for their own benefit, people like to play different roles, and for such games the club in Kiev is better suited than ever. How often do you wear masks to please a guy? It's so easy to play a social lion for one evening, when in real life you are a very sweet and shy woman or vice versa. But you will not be able to play this role for a long time, and you can either never meet again with this person, or live with him all his life, which will force you to always wear a mask with which he fell in love.

That is why, even if you are almost certain that your character will not like the guy with whom you almost fell in love, still be yourself! Your man must love you present.

Rule 2. This is just a pleasant pastime.
What does most experience come from? You tune in to something beautiful, expect a perfect date with a handsome prince. But very often this very prince can take you not to a fashionable restaurant, but to a simple pub. You are looking great in your evening dress hire, but you don’t fit in with your surroundings and hate this evening and this guy.

That is why do not make too many plans. Treat the date as a pleasant surprise. Also, it is best to ask the guy what style of clothes you choose, so as not to look inappropriate.

Rule 3. Like him for what he is
In order to please a person, it is not necessary to pretend to be someone who is not really. Just show all your positive qualities. Talk about things that really bother you.

Show your intelligence. To do this, it is better to talk about the area in which you are well versed. It will even suit your knowledge from the university or read articles and books.

Open yourself to the person, then he will really begin to trust you and will want to see you again.

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