Problems hotels in Kiev

Problems hotels in Kiev

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Problems hotels in Kiev

It would seem that the hotel business, which was originally one of the most profitable, should flourish in such a large city such as Kiev, with its countless stream of travelers and guests, all the more that the city area is constantly increasing due to the addition of new territories. But wishing to engage in hotel business and that is what creates certain difficulties: mini-hotels and hotels on the outskirts of Kiev are less attractive to residents, as in the historical center, built-up buildings of past centuries, and sometimes simply impossible to place a 4 or 5 star hotel. Places of land in the center of Kiev are sorely lacking. Even when implementing the construction project in the city center, 20 new hotels and mini-hotels by the year 2017, a very small probability of their placement directly in the historical center of Kiev. Moreover, the authorities of the capital have decided on the formation of the boundaries of the historic monuments of cultural heritage and decided to restore and three years later to preserve the historic city center. So it is not surprising that the newly created mini-hotels in the huddle, as a rule, in the buildings of the former dormitories in the basement and in private homes. And it is very rare that they have a separate building. A pleasant exception is very popular among visitors to the capital Kiev Mini-hotel "Opera". Her detached 3-storey building, located in the heart of the capital, becomes a real model of development, so to speak, a small hotel business. Its location - the most important, but not the only factor by which "Opera" is developing successfully in a competitive environment. High-quality staff, service closer to home, reasonable prices - all this makes the low-cost mini-hotel, settled, like the "Opera", in the heart of the ancient capital, is even more attractive for visitors Kiev. We must remember that the majority of people who come to the capital looking for, above all, reasonable accommodation, spending the day in business meetings or sightseeing. That is what needs to prioritize spending money: what to order expensive room highest category, if the whole day will be empty! A more sensible option - it is inexpensive mini-hotels and private hotels in the center of Kiev. Agree, the savings is quite useful for other purposes. Especially because the cheap hotels in Kiev, especially mini-hotels, for comfort and coziness quite able to compete with the numbers of the same class presentable high-rise hotels.
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