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SPA in Japan

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SPA in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is a world-famous balneological resort. Japan is sheltered far and wide by hot springs (onsen), of which there are more than three thousand. Thermal resorts grow around them, where they relax, restore health, peace of mind, locals and tourists. But not only Japan is famous for its resorts, in Ukraine you can also try wellness spa programs by clicking on the link

Sophisticated spa treatments that are closely intertwined with ancient culture are popular in Japan:

Ofuro (the Japanese bath does not fit with our ideas about the steam room, here they simply mount a large barrel or font, they affect the body with hot water, heated sawdust, pebbles, which has a healing effect; after bath procedures that last up to 30 minutes, they organize a classic tea room ceremony).
Baths with melted chocolate or hot wine (rejuvenate the skin, help relax muscles, recover from overloads).
Fish pilling (the feet are lowered into a hot water bath where hungry Garra Guffa fish swim, they eat away dead cells, making the skin on the legs clean and rejuvenated, this helps to get rid of typical skin diseases).
A mask made of real gold (an expensive procedure, during which the face is covered with a thin layer of liquid gold, it subsequently hardens, smoothing wrinkles, whitening and toning the skin).
Japanese spa resorts
Kurokawa is a geothermal resort with an age of about 300 years. For a long time, strength was restored here after traveling. Thermal water contributes to the treatment of wounds, and the resort city itself is sheltered by hotels that offer a wide variety of services - from exposure to the skin with steam to meals in the form of boiled eggs cooked at a temperature of + 80 ° C.

Hanoke is a resort that offers truly exotic services and procedures: baths with sake, coffee, bathtubs filled with wine, tara-buro, yutori, separate relaxation areas for nudists (the cost of the procedures varies within thirty dollars). In Hanoka, there are recreation areas that provide European spa services and entertainment: hammam, ancient Roman baths, water slides, pools with water from the Dead Sea and green tea.

If you are interested in such SPA tours and wellness programs, then it is not necessary to spend time on long flights to Japan. Just follow the link and book your favorite wellness program in the complex WISH Family Space which is located in with. Cherry Kiev region.

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