Trysil - the largest and most popular resort in Norway

Trysil - the largest and most popular resort in Norway

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Trysil - the largest and most popular resort in Norway

Trysil - the largest and one of the most popular ski resorts in Norway. It is located in the southeastern part of Norway, in the county (district) Gedmark in the commune of Trysil, near the state border with Sweden. The lower lift station located at an altitude of just 415 m. Above sea level, which is not usual low even in comparison with the Ukrainian resorts, which are located at an altitude of 800-1 400 m., Not to mention the Alps to the height of the lower station 200 m. Trysil. Location. As mentioned above, the lower lift station located at an altitude of 415 m, the top -. 1100 m Thus, the absolute height difference of 685 m, which provides a sufficient length of trails for riding comfort (length of routes -.. 5.4 km.). Due to its northern location, the snow on the slopes of Trysilfjellet (height 1132 m.) Is from November to April. Trysil. riding conditions. This resort is the largest in the whole of Norway. It is equipped with 31 lifts, which serve 67 routes with a total length of 75 km. Among them - 6 chairlifts, 14 T-shaped yoke 11 "tablets." The resort also features 7 special conveyor belts for children. The resort has 4 special zones for children and riding your own snowpark, for fans to jump and whirl. The bulk of the runs (33 km -. 47% of the total length) is designed for beginners ( "green" and "blue" route), another 25% of the tracks are classified as medium difficulty route ( "red" route) and the remaining 28% of the tracks - "black" for professionals. The upper part of the mountain is not covered with forest, with regard to this, the resort will appeal to fans of pokatushek the broad paved highways Hurt forests and freeriders who can ride on the virgin expanses and call in the "Christmas tree". The resort has natural snow at the end of April, but even in the event of natural disasters, snow cannons obsespechivayut cover 77% of all trails. Also, riding in the Nordic countries, must always be in advance to provide the opportunity of riding after sunset because light day here can be very short, especially in December. The resort Trysil has a track with lighting and even the possibility of night skiing. So, if you are in Norway, do not forget to call in Trysil, experience the real European level skiing.
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