What are chip ignition keys and possible problems with them
What are chip ignition keys and possible problems with them

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What are chip ignition keys and possible problems with them

In the 1990s, all the famous concerns of the world tried to come up with various technical means that would help reduce the likelihood of theft. By the end of the 1990s, every concern, including Ford, BMW, Audi, etc., began supplying executive class cars that were equipped with special locks that require a chip-key.

It is known that a chip for opening a lock, or a transponder, is mounted directly into a key fob to open a door. The chip contains either a password generator or code generating tools. When using the original key, the device inside the lock reads the code from the chip. The information received by the on-board computer allows you to start individual vehicle components. Of course, this is a good decision, but what should a driver do if he has lost the ignition key for one reason or another? Today we will talk about this.

What is a chip key that opens locks so easily?
This device has its own small body with a button on it. Even if there is no such button, this does not mean that the device is devoid of a chip. In order to verify the presence of the chip, you can wrap the device case with several layers of food foil. Now try to start the car. If this was not done, then there really is a chip inside.

At the time of purchasing a new machine, at least two keys are supplied with it. If one of them is lost, you can contact the dealer and place an order for a copy, or you can do it easier and order the production of car keys with a chip in several copies in advance. Several years ago, in the event of a key loss, the car owner had to spend a lot of time and effort to restore it. The fact is that the key could only be sent by the manufacturer itself. If the plant is located abroad, you had to pay the shipping cost and wait. Or order the manufacture of chip keys from professionals.

However, the technology of the chip-based key operation itself is not complicated. As we said earlier, the chip communicates with the receiving control device of the vehicle. If something blocks the signal, or the signal is not decoded, the engine is blocked by the immobilizer. It turns out that the car simply did not start. It is not possible to drive away the standing car, so a tow truck would have to be called.

In addition, sometimes the immobilizer comes into conflict with third-party anti-theft systems. After all, many car owners also install alarms. However, such a bundle can sometimes weaken the immobilizer. In this case, the car will be difficult to "activate" even at the service center.

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