What is engine crankcase protection for?
What is engine crankcase protection for?

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What is engine crankcase protection for?

It is not uncommon for drivers to neglect procedures such as installing an engine crankcase protection. But it is very important to protect the crankcase from damage. There are several reasons to do this as soon as possible.

Reasons for installing engine protection
Impact protection. The crankcase protection will protect the engine compartment of the car from possible problems that can occur when hitting hard and sharp objects.
Protection from dirt, moisture, and dust. The crankcase guard is designed in such a way that it prevents dirt and moisture from entering the engine compartment by means of metal fenders that act as a boot.
High temperature protection. The device has holes for air to enter the engine - this stabilizes the temperature regime, which will avoid overheating.
Corrosion protection. The crankcase protection is covered with a special compound, which is prepared using a special technology and gives the surface resistance to corrosion. Residents of Togliatti simply need engine protection because a city with a humid atmosphere and corrosion often harms cars.
Noise protection. In those places where the protection contacts the body, rubber shock absorbers are installed, which reduce vibration and noise while the machine is moving.
Ease of use. Also, the crankcase guard has holes so that you can conveniently drain oil and change oil filters. This minimizes the cost of car maintenance.
Aerodynamic properties. The crankcase guard, among other things, directs the air flow, which makes the car more streamlined and improves traction, which is good for the car's agility.

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