Bath shapes and their aesthetic values
Bath shapes and their aesthetic values

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Bath shapes and their aesthetic values

The bath, as the main component of the room for hygiene procedures, plays a significant role in the design of this room, which simply has to be a comfortable place for rest and relaxation. However, comfort and coziness are extensible concepts, because for some it is a warm floor with heating or walls sheathed with leather, and for some, delicate pastel colors or correct uniform lighting. All the same, the components of the bathroom, although they form its design, are in fact the dominant objects, because the bath is its main object. Modern baths are divided according to many criteria, but the main classifier is the form of these products, which can be:

rectangular and hexagonal.

Round bath
A round bathtub is considered traditional, and the main advantage is the classic style, because a round bathtub fits into almost any interior. The minimum diameter of such products is one and a half meters, which is their disadvantage, since it is simply unrealistic to buy a bathtub and install such a bathtub in most modern apartments. But in country houses, pitchforks and cottages, products of round shapes are quite popular, moreover, they have a certain practicality. In the list of useful properties of round bathtubs, it is fair to include the fact that they can easily be fitted with lighting and additional bathroom fittings, thereby turning the bathtub into almost a real sauna.

Corner bath
The corner bath was originally designed to save space in the room as it is installed in the corner of the bathroom.

However, the same bathtubs can be installed in the center of the hygiene room, mounted in a specially raised floor.

Corner baths are made of many materials, but considering the specifics of their installation, cast iron is considered the best material. Cast iron baths are strong, reliable and durable, but they have a lot of weight, so a steel product can be preferred to such a bath. However, the baths are quite noisy, besides, their weight, although less than cast iron products, is also significant.

Oval bath
The oval bathtub stands out mainly from a number of similar products, because such a bathtub, as a rule, is mounted in an open way. Oval-shaped products fit perfectly into the modern style, and even retro, besides, they are most successfully combined with all modern sanitary ware. The oval bathtub can give originality and individuality to the room of hygiene procedures, because it will be the central figure of this room. The openness of the shape of the oval bathtub will perfectly emphasize the color scheme of the room and harmoniously complement it with an object separate from all, which must be taken into account even at the stage of choosing this product.

Rectangular and hexagonal bathtub
Rectangular and hexagonal bathtubs are considered classics of this niche of sanitary ware and at the same time are the most popular products in terms of shape. Bathtubs of this category are distinguished by ease of installation, because they can be installed both close to the walls of the room, and into the floor and even into a concrete base, that is, into a raised floor. The specifics of the installation allows you to finish the walls of such bathtubs with any material you like, moreover, their edges are usually equipped with plastic panels, which visually improve the shape of these products. High practicality is the main criterion for rectangular baths, by the way, it is also their main advantage.

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