Geotextile - road geosynthetics
Geotextile - road geosynthetics

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Geotextile - road geosynthetics

The construction of roads must be carried out in strict accordance with the existing technical requirements and state instructions, which are spelled out in the relevant documents.

They extend their activities to all types of road construction works on the territory of a particular state. These instructions always indicate the standard structural elements that must be used for the construction of various types of roads, depending on their type of road surface, the expected service life and the intensity of use of the road surface.

All geosynthetics, including geotextiles for separation and reinforcement, which are part of the standard design, must meet technical requirements.

The use of road geosynthetics allows public utilities to significantly reduce the need for expensive mineral materials used during the installation of the road surface, which are the basis of each road surface.

Geotextile 300 allows you to quickly reinforce and stabilize the subgrade under the future road surface.

During the construction of various types of roads, the installation of a protective layer and a bearing layer is provided. These two layers should be placed and compacted over the previously prepared substrate. At the same time, the corresponding national standards determine strict requirements for the bearing capacity of the base, which are based on the long service life of the deformation module.

In order to achieve all the necessary parameters, it is necessary to ensure reliable protection of different types of soil from their movement during operation. And also, you need to protect the base from freezing in the winter time and from many other negative phenomena.

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