Grill menu: holiday dishes
Grill menu: holiday dishes

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Grill menu: holiday dishes

Contrary to popular belief, grilling is possible not only in summer but also in winter. This is especially true during the New Year and Christmas holidays, when a large company of friends and loved ones gathers, whom they really want to pamper with something tasty. This is where the charcoal grill comes in. The grill is equipped with a grill on which you can bake fish, meat, vegetables.

Skewers are used to prepare kebabs. Small kebabs of chicken hearts, shrimps, vegetables are cooked on wooden skewers. Skewers are easy to carve from fruit trees. They must be soaked in cold water before use. You can buy ready-made skewers, but it is more interesting to make them yourself in the company of children.

Red fish steaks are baked on the grill. They are cut up to 2.5 centimeters thick, pickled and cooked. Small fish, such as sardines, are baked whole after preliminary preparation.

To prevent the cooked food from sticking to the grill grate, it is preheated and greased with vegetable oil. For coals, use fruit wood or alder. To make the kebabs more aromatic, sprigs of rosemary, thyme, citrus peel or raw thin sprigs from fruit trees are placed on the hot coals of the grill.

The cooking time for fish on the grill grid is about 6 minutes. It is enough to fry small fish on each side for 1-2 minutes.

Kebabs, fish steaks, vegetables must be marinated before grilling. There are many types of different marinades, with the help of which they give one or another taste and aroma to the finished dish. European cuisine offers dry and liquid marinades with spicy, mild, sweet or sour flavors. Marinades endow kebabs not only with aroma, but also provide taste, softening the meat and making it more tender.

To prepare a dry marinade, salt with spices and dry herbs are mixed in a mortar. Italian herbs have a special taste.

Spicy paste is intended for coating fish and meat before grilling. For its preparation, crushed seasonings and ground spices are mixed with vegetable oil. Spice herbs can be finely chopped with a knife or chopped and ground in a mortar. Prepare a paste just before use.

Lean meat before frying is marinated in a large amount of vegetable oil, pre-salt and pepper.

The sour marinade contains one of the ingredients - table white wine, vinegar or lemons juice. The main ingredient is diluted with vegetable oil. Products are salted, pepper, you can add onions or garlic. Ground black pepper, as a classic spice, can be replaced with other spices that match the taste and aroma with prepared foods for roasting. In an acidic marinade, fish and non-fish products of the sea should be kept for 2.5 hours. The meat is marinated in a cool place for 24 to 48 hours.

For a successful barbecue, an appropriate mood and a large noisy company are also important. Happy Holidays and Delicious Treats!

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