How is welding of plastic pipes done?
How is welding of plastic pipes done?

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How is welding of plastic pipes done?

Plastic pipes have become part of our everyday life. For the perfect service of these pipes, correct installation, including welding, is of particular importance.

Welding of this category of pipes, in contrast to metal pipes, is carried out using brazing. In this case, a special soldering iron with nozzles of different diameters is used. If necessary, the attachments can be easily changed. The soldering iron connected to the network is ready for soldering in five minutes. At the same time, deep knowledge and special skills are not required, everything can be done by hand.

The pipe and connection must be put on a hot soldering iron, held for 5-12 seconds and then docked. The heating time of a plastic pipe directly depends on the diameter of the pipe and therefore, the larger the diameter, the longer it takes to melt. In this case, the pipe, which is outside and the sleeve (fitting) from the inside, melt a little and cool quickly after joining. Such a connection becomes cast and gains strength no later than 2 minutes after joining.

The soldering iron comes with special scissors that cut plastic pipes. An important condition for the brazing of pipes of this category is that the pipes to be brazed must, firstly, be dry and, secondly, from the same manufacturer. Therefore, the pipe that was in use must be dried before soldering, using a hair dryer or a rag. The fact that the pipes should be from the same manufacturer is due to the fact that the plastic compositions differ from different manufacturers and this can affect the quality of the solder.

The water supply system made of plastic pipes ends with polypropylene fittings, inside of which a metal female thread is fused and having an external thread, to which any plumbing can be connected.

Pipe welding is carried out by two people. If everything is done correctly, a plastic pipe for cold water will last about 50 years, and for hot water about 25 years.

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