How to properly issue an invitation to Ukraine for a foreign citizen
How to properly issue an invitation to Ukraine for a foreign citizen

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How to properly issue an invitation to Ukraine for a foreign citizen

If there are many simplified options for traveling abroad for Ukrainian citizens, then there are several nuances for the entry of your foreign relatives or business partners. If you are not aware of such intricacies and do not know where to issue an invitation for a foreigner, you should contact the Visa Application Center, where they will explain to you all the details that should be taken into account when submitting an application. In order for your foreign relative to be able to stay quietly, you need to issue a guest invitation. This can be done at the place of your registration. When all the documents are completed correctly, you have the opportunity to visit places of interest in your city, go on excursions and visit friends living in another area.

An invitation is also required if your foreign relatives travel by car. Any crossing of the Ukrainian border requires appropriate documents. In the case when a multiple-entry business visa to Ukraine is needed, an invitation is also required, but from a legal entity. The registration of such documents takes place in the same order as for the guest, but a business invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is sent personally to the foreigner. In this case, an express delivery service is used. The advantages of a business visa are that, unlike a guest visa, it is issued for a longer period. From 1 to 12 months, a person can cross the border without updating their documents, which is very convenient for doing business.

When hosting guests from abroad, respect the generally accepted hospitality framework. If necessary, book your paid parking spaces in advance. In order for the rest to be complete, take an interest in the routes of excursions that are conducted from your city. If you are planning a trip to the sea or to the dacha, be careful when choosing food and cooking. Remember that foreigners prefer to eat in the right way and enjoy some types of extreme recreation. When choosing a place to stay in the resort area, you should take into account the interests of your guests.

Remember to take precautions on the water and in the mountains. Have a first aid kit with you for first aid.

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