How to choose a backlit gaming headphone
How to choose a backlit gaming headphone

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How to choose a backlit gaming headphone

Anyone who has bought backlit gaming headphones at least once in their life knows that the purchased devices, as a rule, only disappoint, than bring joy. Sound quality problems and discomfort are the root causes for most. In addition, other negative effects may occur in low-quality headphones.

How can you buy backlit gaming headphones so as not to regret the money spent and enjoy high-quality sound in any modern computer game? To do this, you need to know the most important technical characteristics of all headphones, and also rely on them when choosing those headphones for games that are right for you.

Consider the frequencies that the headphones can reproduce. This characteristic directly affects the overall sound quality. Hissing and various crackling sounds, which become audible at different frequencies, indicate the imperfection of the design. For many users, it is very important that the headphones play low frequencies well, but only large headphones with a membrane diameter of three centimeters can do this.
A very important parameter is the sensitivity of the headphones. The volume of the sound reproduced by the headphones depends on it. This characteristic is very important for in-ear headphones. Their sensitivity should not be less than 10 dB.
An extremely important type of headphone connection. At the moment, there are only two types: with and without a wire. At first glance, there are many advantages to wireless headphones, but all the advantages come at the price of sound quality, volume, battery life and other important factors.
Don't forget about the type of acoustic design. Headphones are open and closed. Closed headphones block any external noise, while open ones make it possible to hear extraneous sounds. It all depends on the preferences of the user, however, it is worth noting that open headphones transmit sound more realistically than closed ones.
It is worth saying a few words about ergonomics. Comfort for the ears and ease of use in play are very important. To prevent speakerphones from rubbing your ears, you need to buy on-ear headphones or headphone monitors. For those who care about their hairstyle, we recommend headphones with a special neckband. The device should weigh as little as possible, since the heaviness will be very tiring.

These few tips should help real gamers make the right choice when choosing a truly high-quality headphone that will allow them to enjoy their favorite games.

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