Which sidewalk tile should you prefer?
Which sidewalk tile should you prefer?

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Which sidewalk tile should you prefer?

The use of special tiles instead of the monotonous asphalt pavement of the sidewalks makes it possible to give streets and courtyards a unique individuality and peculiar beauty. Today, orders for paving slabs are constantly growing, and there are so many varieties of it that you can involuntarily get confused when choosing.

In order not to make a mistake that can ruin the whole experience of laying tiles, you should take into account a number of different factors.

One of these factors is geometric, because the dimensions of each of the tile elements, as well as their shape, largely determine the overall impression of the coating. Before you buy paving slabs, at the same time as choosing the shape of the tiles, you should also decide on the color. This parameter depends mainly on the terrain conditions. True, not all types of tiles are supplied in a "multi-colored" version, but this can be found out even at the stage of choosing a supplier. The main color options are gray, red, white and brown.

It is extremely important not only the tile itself, but also what will be under it. When choosing from gravel, concrete and sand, you need to consider the properties characteristic of each of these materials. In particular, if the most important quality is the preservation of the tile and its unchanged position, then concrete should be preferred. In turn, gravel and sand are more convenient for laying work, but they have their drawbacks. For example, sand can suffer from excess moisture caused by heavy rainfall.

After choosing the basis for laying the tiles, as well as the shape and color of each of the elements, you need to choose the so-called paving scheme. For laying tiles on sidewalks, paving in a semicircle is usually used, or stepped paving. Paving slabs can also be laid in the form of a "herringbone", although this option is usually used when laying a completely different type of tile - the one that decorates the walls inside the house.

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