Laser cutting and engraving of metal
Laser cutting and engraving of metal

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Laser cutting and engraving of metal

To make a higher quality and original metal product, you often have to contact the masters of laser cutting and metal engraving. These services have become more and more popular in recent years because almost no production of metal parts or design products can now do without cutting out a part. In addition, after laser processing, the material remains in good condition, does not require additional grinding or cleaning.

Metal processing - stages of work
The whole process takes place automatically, but before starting cutting or engraving, the craftsmen set the cut out shape of the metal into the program. The workpiece is inserted into the equipment and it starts to cut. A modern desktop laser engraver acts on a metal surface in two ways: melting and evaporation. Unlike other types, the laser does not directly contact the part, does not press on it. Thanks to this, the finished product is smooth and without fusing.

The laser is directed along the metal surface in a predetermined pattern. It melts it gently with a tremendous temperature, so that a depression is obtained in this place. The beam has a very narrow directivity and is practically not sprayed. This means that the surface will not have molten metal or damaged parts. The final material after laser processing does not require additional grinding.

But there are some aspects, for example, the thickness of the metal. For soft or thin materials, a conventional laser is used, but for harder products - a special apparatus that melts with gas. Thus, even the smallest metal residues are removed. As a result, the user receives the metal exactly as it was in the preliminary diagram.

The laser beam is of the highest precision. It is very thin, so it does not melt excess space. In addition, the laser instantly heats up to the desired temperature, so that the metal is processed in one moment, regardless of thickness, hardness or type.

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