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Many people do not sleep on a full bed at night, but fold out the sofa. Such a bed is not always comfortable for sleeping. A special thin mattress, designed to level the surface of the sofa to an ideal state, will help to correct this shortcoming. Thin mattresses on the sofa will interest those who are demanding about the quality of sleep, have problems with falling asleep, joints or spine, cannot relax at night and for this reason do not get enough sleep. If sleep is not adjusted, health will suffer, and performance will decline.

How to solve the problem

Thin mattresses that have an elastic filler, but do not include a spring block, are called toppers. They were specially invented to increase the comfort of the sleeping place. The thickness of these mattresses is in the range of 4-10 cm. They can be spread on sofas, folding beds, on top of existing mattresses.
The toppers are comfortable and practical. They have different stiffness. Since there are no springs inside, the firmness of the mattress depends only on the filling. The toughest mattresses are filled with coconut coir. Less rigid options contain holofiber inside. Products filled with latex and polyurethane are even less rigid. If the task is to make the bed softer, it is recommended to purchase mattresses filled with latex or orthopedic foam. Models are produced, consisting of several layers, different in rigidity. There are single, one and a half, double mattresses, from 160 to 230 cm long. There are also non-standard products - they need to be made to order.

Benefits of toppers

The thin Sofia mattress will relieve the sleeping place from unevenness. It folds up conveniently. During the day, you can put it in a closet or a box for storing bedding and use the sofa as usual, and at night you can pull it out, unfold the sofa, spread the topper and sleep comfortably. A sofa covered with a thin mattress is no different in comfort from a full bed. A thin mattress is a budgetary way to solve the problem of insufficient or excessive bed rigidity. With it, you can quickly update the surface without spending a lot of money.
A thin mattress, unlike an orthopedic mattress, will not punch a hole in your budget. It is available to people who do not have high incomes. To buy it, you don't have to take out a loan or arrange an installment plan.

If you need to adjust the sleeping place in terms of rigidity, to make it absolutely even, it is enough to purchase a thin sleeping mattress without springs filled with natural or synthetic materials on the website The removable product is practical, convenient and inexpensive, it can effectively solve the problem of insufficiently comfortable sleep.

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