Kitchen flooring
Kitchen flooring

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Kitchen flooring

When developing a kitchen project, special attention should be paid to the flooring. After all, it is in this part of the dwelling that people most often gather, and not only for cooking, but also for communication.

That is why the flooring in the kitchen wears out faster. Thus, when choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to take into account its strength and wear resistance. The latest design trend is the combination of a kitchen with a living room or dining room. At the same time, these zones are visually demarcated precisely due to the combination of flooring.

It is possible, for example, to combine ceramic tiles and quartz vinyl tiles. The permanent leaders among floor coverings for the kitchen are porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles. They are moisture resistant and very durable.

If the kitchen is combined with another room, then you can use a parquet board. But due to the characteristics of the material, it is still recommended to cover the working area with tiles. Parquet must be chosen taking into account the large loads on the kitchen floor, that is, thicker than in other rooms. This will extend its service life.

You also need to increase the number of layers of varnish. The edges between the parquet and the wall are a sensitive place, it is better to fill it with sealant. Laminate is also popular as a kitchen flooring.

It, in comparison with other materials, has many disadvantages, but the advantages are also significant. The disadvantages include fragility and low water resistance, and the pluses are the price, ease of installation and the ability to replace the damaged part without much difficulty.

In any case, for the kitchen, laminate should be chosen with a high degree of wear resistance.

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