Basic functional styles of language and their stylistic features
Basic functional styles of language and their stylistic features

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Basic functional styles of language and their stylistic features

Scholars distinguish a variety of language styles, but the most general idea is defined by five functional styles, so the specific concepts of stylistics include the following styles:

official business,
spoken (spoken language),
style of fiction.

Functional styles and the factors that determine them have been formed over the centuries.

If you look closely at their characteristics, you can see that scientific, official-business, journalistic have much in common:

predominance of written language,
monologue as a leading type of language,
general communication.

Sometimes they are united under the common name "book styles", as opposed to their colloquial language. It is easy to notice the special position of the style of fiction.

Each of them has its own special stylistic features. For example, for the scientific style - it is accuracy, emphasized logic, provability, unambiguity, abstractness (generalization); for official business style - directiveness, standardization, emotionlessness, accuracy that does not allow misinterpretations; for conversational - spontaneity (unpreparedness), setting for informal communication, for journalistic - a combination of expression and standard; for fiction - imagery.

Within each style, smaller varieties are possible - backgrounds, which are determined by specific goals (larger shares than the overall goal of the style), the specifics of the author and recipient.

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