Main characteristics of compressors
Main characteristics of compressors

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Main characteristics of compressors

The area of ​​use of compressors today is quite extensive:

connection of pneumatic devices;
production of compressed air for industrial installations;
refrigeration units of high power;

Main technical parameters

Among the main technical parameters related to compressors are:

Compressed air outlet pressure, calculated in atmospheres or bar. In the case of household modifications, the installation pressure can be from 6 to 8 atmospheres. Industrial units provide pressure up to 25 atmospheres and above.
The capacity of the installation, providing air injection or suction. The capacity is calculated from the volume of air that is sucked in or discharged at the outlet of the compressor. Typically, the manufacturer indicates the suction performance, since the delivery rate will be lower as a result of air loss.
Compressor motor power.
The overall dimensions and weight of the unit are distinguished by a wide variety of models, ranging from compact garage portable units to large-scale industrial compressors that completely occupy production facilities.

Design parameters

In addition to the technical parameters, there are some design characteristics that are closely related to the technical values, as well as the further servicing of the compressors:

type of installation - electric motor or internal combustion drive;
the number of stages of air compression - the parameter is most important during the operation of a reciprocating compressor due to the need to compress air in several successive cylinders;
type of cooling system - air or oil;
assembly scheme of units - all elements can be assembled either on the receiver or on the frame;
finding the receiver - horizontal or vertical.

How the compressor works

Many characteristics determine the performance of the compressor. All installations are divided into dynamic and static. Static units draw in air and compress it with pistons or rotors. Dynamic installations provide pressure during air acceleration and supply it to the outlet of the device at high speed.

Static aggregates are most popular in industry, while dynamic ones are used in aircraft and automobile construction.

Static piston units have a high level of noise and vibration, have low efficiency and are more likely to fail. At the same time, such compressors are easier to repair and have a lower cost.

Screw assemblies allow to reduce the level of noise and vibrations, demonstrate higher reliability during operation, however, significant air losses occur in the installation, which does not allow high pressure to be provided. Therefore, if it is required to provide high pressure air, then piston compressors are used.

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