Proper dog nutrition
Proper dog nutrition

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Proper dog nutrition

For a dog, comfort is no less important than for a person, she just understands it in her own way, like a dog, and the owner, who is still planning to take the animal into the house, needs to be well acquainted with the rules of keeping.

The dog is very sensitive to its place, it is there that its “rest area” is located, a corner where it feels safe. The task of the owner is to prepare this place for her, to provide a comfortable bedding that allows the animal to stretch out to its full height. The bedding should not be too soft, the best stuffing for it is horsehair or sea grass. Your pet's bed should be regularly shaken out and kept clean. Naturally, the animal should not be allowed to lie on a dirty, damp rag.

In addition to a personal place, take your pet and his personal dishes. For a dog with long ears, buy a tall, but narrow bowl, otherwise, during feeding, his ears will fall into the dishes and get dirty. Make sure that your friend is not only fed, but always has access to clean water, that is, next to the food bowl, put a container of water.

Dog nutrition has a number of nuances, and the optimal choice of food, its type, daily allowance depends on the breed, and you need to find out all this either from a veterinarian or from a dog breeders club. If you have taken a puppy, be sure to ask what kind of food he is used to. For adaptation, it is better not to immediately change the diet abruptly and, if necessary, transfer to another type of food gradually.

Today, in addition to food from our table, there are options for food specially designed for dogs of specific breeds. The choice of nutrition, of course, remains with the owner, but in order for the diet to be balanced, be sure to consult a specialist. Concluding the topic of feeding, remember that after your dog has finished eating, remove all leftover food and do not feed him in between meals. This rule does not apply to water, of course.

Walking is also an integral part of keeping an animal. It is better not to take puppies that are just adapting to a new owner to dog playgrounds, there is a risk of catching an infection, and it will be difficult for them to learn commands after close communication with their own kind. Choose a place where no one bothers your pet to frolic, but at the same time, he always remains in sight. All experts recommend walking dogs at least 2 times a day. As for the duration of the walk, at least one should be at least an hour.

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