The drug Gonadotropin. indications for admission
The drug Gonadotropin. indications for admission

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The drug Gonadotropin. indications for admission

In addition to anabolic steroids, bodybuilders often use synthesized chorionic hormone. This substance is produced naturally in the body of pregnant women. In the modern sports pharmacology market, the agent is presented under the name Gonadotropin. This is a popular drug that, when used in combination with the right regimen and regular exercise, can provide a tangible increase in muscle mass.

How Gonadotropin works on the body
As a rule, athletes using this medication do not expect a sharp increase in muscle mass and other anabolic effects. Research and practice of many athletes have proven that the use of a substance for this purpose does not give the expected result. Most often bodybuilders acquire Gonadotropin to:

Maintain the gained muscle mass during the period of drying or dieting.
Normalize the production of your own testosterone - the main male sex hormone. The fact is that the regular use of powerful anabolic steroids and other drugs can adversely affect the functioning of the reproductive system, therefore, it is necessary to take restorative drugs.
Prevention of the development of testicular atrophy.

Chorionic gonadotropin is a unique hormone that is very quickly absorbed by the body due to its naturalness. Once in the blood, it begins to act almost instantly. The maximum concentration of active substances is observed within 1-3 hours after the injection. The second increase in the amount occurs after 2-4 days.

Rules for the use of Gonadotropin
The medication is available in the form of a solution for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Experts have proven that taking the hormone orally or as part of dietary supplements will not bring the desired effect, so such drugs are just another marketing ploy.

Before starting the course, you must carefully study the instructions and undergo a complete medical examination. In the course of communication with a medical professional, the likelihood of developing allergic reactions will be determined and the risk of individual intolerance will be excluded. Dosages are adjusted according to the physical qualities of the athlete.

The use of Gonadotropin is relevant for bodybuilders who have been using steroids for a long time, and the current course lasts more than 42 days. The first injections are given at 2-4 weeks, during the week it is necessary to do this twice. Each time, 250-500 IU of the agent is injected. The amount of the substance may be higher if the doctor has decided that such a need exists. After the remnants of anabolic steroids have left the body, proceed with restorative therapy.

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