Dental prosthetics with ceramic-metal
Dental prosthetics with ceramic-metal

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Dental prosthetics with ceramic-metal

Even the most beautiful and snow-white smile can be overshadowed by just the soreness of one of the teeth. We do not always have time to immediately run to our favorite dental technician, and he is not endowed with the gift to work miracles. As a result, we exacerbate the problem, which ultimately results in the loss of a diseased tooth.

Thanks to modern dentistry, this problem can be solved quite easily. Dental prosthetics is one of the services that will return both a lost tooth and a smile to us. The dentures themselves are both removable and non-removable. Which designs to choose depends on the desire of the patient himself and on each individual case. For the manufacture of prostheses, metal-ceramic is often used.

The advantages of dental prosthetics using ceramic-metal structures include, first of all, their durability. It is worth noting that many dentistry prices for this service are kept at an acceptable level, and metal-ceramic prosthetics in a dental clinic are performed by professionals with extensive experience.

The dentures themselves can last more than 20 years if properly cared for. Due to the correctly chosen color type, it will be impossible to distinguish artificial teeth from natural ones, and with regular brushing of teeth, they will not change their natural color. When eating, there is no discomfort if the tooth fits snugly against the gum and is simply correctly installed.

The cost of metal-ceramic prostheses is not so high as to deny yourself a full life. Their long service life is not overshadowed by any diseases characteristic of natural teeth. The only rule for saving both your teeth and dentures will be the rejection of very hard foods, and ordinary oral hygiene will save you from many other problems!

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