Instantaneous and storage water heaters
Instantaneous and storage water heaters

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Instantaneous and storage water heaters

In the bath, a water heater is often bought to provide heated water. Perhaps in those apartments that are connected to the main pipeline with warm water, water heaters are installed for reliability. This fact makes it possible not to depend on municipal utilities and to have heated water in their baths all the time.

Household water heating appliances are of two types. Flowing gas water heaters and electric storage water heaters. The applications for these devices are the same, but the methods of obtaining them are not similar. Gas devices, they are also gas columns, by igniting the gas in the burner of the device, heats the water passing through the heat exchanger. The temperature of the water passing at the outlet changes by an increase in the fuel combustion power in the column and the amount of prepared water.
Gas flow columns are highly protected and safe and apply the necessary levels of protection required for a secure application. The leading installed instantaneous water heaters in the apartment have a similar heating system, and the devices differ in aesthetic appearance, materials of manufacture and the type of gas ignition.

The very first method is a column with a piezo sensor. When the button is pressed, a spark is generated, which ignites the gas of the device. Simultaneously with the inclusion of water, the gas valve of the water heater allows the supply of natural gas to the burner and the main ignition is carried out from the wick. In this type of device, the wick burns permanently.

The second type of flow column is battery-powered. Here, the electronic unit is responsible for igniting the column, with the help of which a spark appears, igniting the gas in the burner.

The next type is arson from a water generator. This unit in the water heater is a mini hydro turbine. During the period when the tap with water is turned on, the liquid acts through the hydraulic turbine, which receives an electrical signal that works to generate a spark and ignite the supplied gas.

Modern gas water heaters are equipped with additional alarms and regulators for quality use.

A radically different type of water heater is a storage boiler. The principle of operation of this equipment will be considered in the following. This device includes a certain usable volume, it depends on the needs of the users. The liquid from the common supply fills the storage water heater. The device uses electric heating elements, the consumption of electricity of which affects the rate of water heating. It is good when the tank is equipped with a hot water temperature indicator. When it reaches the proper level, you can use hot water. After the total volume of the heated liquid from the water heater has been consumed, it is necessary to wait a little while the electric heating elements bring the liquid that has just filled to an acceptable temperature.

Connecting gas water heaters requires a little space, and for these devices, the chimney length is required. To commission the storage tank-water heater, there is only one outlet in the bathroom, and the device can be attached directly to the ceiling.

All devices have pros and cons listed, and in order to purchase, you just need to talk to professionals about what type of water heater will fit into your apartment when operating the engineering system.

Repair of gas water heaters must be carried out by a professional servicing the particular model that is connected to you. It is more expedient to find original spare parts for columns. Although they are more expensive, they will be stably installed and will not cause new breakdowns. It is worth making sure about the presence of service companies before buying, and if you do not have many or no companies in the area that start water heaters of a particular plant, then it is advisable to refrain from purchasing this device, because there may be problems with service.

It is advisable to start engineering networks and their connection, installation and service in a well-known professional company and under a low-rise construction contract. The results of the work of a specialized company constantly bring good results. After all, the installation of heating boilers, service of boilers, installation of water heaters, as well as the operation of devices in this direction requires high requirements for installation methods and safety conditions, which can only be applied by a special engineering company that has mandatory approvals and permits, and, importantly, work experience. Contact the professionals!

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