Laptop reliability ratings from European and domestic masters
Laptop reliability ratings from European and domestic masters

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Laptop reliability ratings from European and domestic masters

There is no "eternal" technology, but when choosing a laptop, everyone wants it to work as long as possible and preferably without breakdowns. Before buying, some rely on the reviews of friends, others trust consultants in office equipment supermarkets, and still others study information on manufacturers' websites. We propose to study the reliability ratings from those who are engaged in computer repair. There will be two of them. The first from SquareTrade, an insurance and repair company for electronic devices in Europe. The second rating from specialists of the FixLab service center performing laptop repair in Kiev.

Rating of laptops according to Europeans

SquareTrade repairs computers and smartphones in 10 European countries. Based on the statistics of hits (30 thousand), they made a rating of the reliability of laptops.

SquareTrade analyzed requests for laptop repairs from 9 popular brands:

the most reliable laptops were from HP (1st place), Gateway (2) and Acer (3);
Most of the breakdowns were observed in portable computers of the brands Asus (9th place), Toshiba (8th) and Sony (7th).

It was unexpected that the promoted Macbooks from Apple took only the sixth line of the rating and were in the middle of the rating, behind even Dell (5) and Lenovo (4).

Laptop reliability rating from SC FixLab

Let's make a reservation right away that the statistics of calls from FixLab engineers is not as large as that of Europeans. But it concerns only those brands that are sold in Ukraine, and reflects their real state. Consider what most often breaks down in laptops according to domestic experts.

Dell. Inspiron Series 3 and 5 Series laptops rarely come in for repair. Perhaps this is due to the Intel processor and the lack of a discrete card. The Inspiron gaming models are reliable too, with good but noisy cooling. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of calls to the service center of Dell laptop owners, perhaps this is due to a decrease in the quality of components and physical wear of parts in old laptops.

Lenovo. The brand has both successful laptop lines and not so good ones. ThinkPad laptops rarely break, IdeaPad laptops a little more often. But gaming models Y520 are often brought to the service center, since the cooling system cannot cope with the intensive work of the processor and video card.

Asus. Inexpensive models without a discrete card (especially the X series and VivoBook) are practically unkillable. Game models (ROG series, etc.) are average in terms of reliability. Many craftsmen call the keyboard the Achilles heel of Asus laptops. Due to the not very successful design solution, replacing the keyboard in a laptop is required more often than repairing other elements.

Acer. Low-cost models, especially those with AMD processors, often have problems with cooling. Due to overheating in laptops, capacitors swell, bridges "burn out".

As you can see, the domestic laptop reliability rating differs from the European one. Let's not guess this is connected with the quality of the equipment supplied to Ukraine or with the national characteristics of its use. Comparing the two ratings, everyone can draw their own conclusion and give preference to a particular brand when buying.

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