Family psychologist
Family psychologist

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Family psychologist

To date, family psychologists have accumulated extensive experience in working with married couples in the field of family psychotherapy, family relationships, family psychology.

The family psychologist is especially popular among couples who are faced with problems related to the joint upbringing of children, family relationships, and sexual problems. Also, a family psychologist advises on issues of a depressive state associated with betrayal of one of the partners or divorce, violation of relationships with children. A psychologist can advise on these and many other issues, teaching the client to analyze the situation in the family, and help to find the correct solution to the problem.

Many people think - how can a family psychologist restore family relationships if the married couple themselves cannot figure it out. To answer this question, you need to understand the process of working with clients.

All psychotherapy activities can be divided into individual and group sessions. Individual sessions, in turn, are divided into several stages: initial, middle and final phase.

During the first stage of individual sessions, a family psychologist - a person who has certain experience, experience of self-disclosure, professional training, demonstrates empathy to his client - the perception of the client for who he really is, as well as initiative. The client reveals to the psychologist, in turn, his fears, hope and belief that the family psychologist is able to help him, therefore, at the first stage of individual sessions, he experiences anxiety.

In the middle phase of psychotherapy sessions, there is a process of interaction between the psychologist's personal experience and the client's perception. At the same time, due to the professionalism and experience of the family psychologist, the client assimilates the material. At the same time, the boundaries of the client remain permeable, which helps to make adjustments to other people's and personal experiences.

At the final stage of an individual session, the client receives and implements all the material in himself, which corrects and changes his personal experience. The work of a family psychologist with a client always ends with positive results. Such sessions provide the client with a certain level of skill and self-confidence, and a new personality line is built.

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