Swiss watches: advantages
Swiss watches: advantages

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Swiss watches: advantages

Swiss watches have long been the benchmark for technical excellence. Buying a genuine Swiss chronometer means highlighting your special status that others do not have. Of course, we are talking about a real watch, and not a Chinese copy, bought in the transition for 700 rubles.

Some, unfortunately, do not see the difference between the original and the copy, they say, why overpay if the difference is not visible visually. This is a misconception. For people with taste, the difference will be noticeable even visually from a long distance, in addition, Swiss watches have a number of advantages, which we will consider below.

Benefits of Swiss watches
Quality. All watches made in Switzerland have a special marking that confirms this. Also, Swiss watches have a very long warranty, some models generally have a lifetime warranty issued to the buyer. As a rule, in Swiss watches (meaning mechanical and mechanical self-winding ones, quartz watches do not count here) all parts are made of pure metal or special alloys without easily breaking plastic parts. An example would be the same copies of Swiss watches that can be worn, without exaggeration, for decades.
Design. The opinion that all Swiss watches are produced exclusively using classic design is wrong. Classics, of course, prevail, it is known to be eternal, but there are also a number of models that are unusual in their performance. There are models with a sports body, a children's body. Some models are waterproof in sizes over 200 meters, which gives the owner of such watches the opportunity to dive in them with scuba diving and perform all kinds of tricks in the water.
Mechanism. Swiss watches do not require frequent maintenance. For mechanical watches, it is enough to simply lubricate the spring every 4-6 years, while self-winding watches need to be adjusted to the spring every 5 years. So, if you need the highest quality, sophisticated design and timeless movement - give preference to Swiss watches. And you won't regret it!

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