Tips for choosing a laminate for a warm floor
Tips for choosing a laminate for a warm floor

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Tips for choosing a laminate for a warm floor

Literally ten years ago, builders could not have imagined that the laminate would be used when installing a warm floor, because this material had the following disadvantages:

Dried quickly.
It changed its shape depending on the small temperature difference.
The surface quickly became covered with cracks, and the seams diverged.

If you want to use laminate flooring together with a warm floor, but do not want to face the stated disadvantages, then first you need to familiarize yourself with the main criteria for choosing this material.

The first step is to pay attention to the labeling - this is a sign that indicates the manufacturer. As you know, not every type of laminate can be used for heating systems. The standard version of the laminated strip has excellent heat insulators. Therefore, if they do not even deform from heating, then they will probably not let heat pass well. To minimize the thermal insulation properties, manufacturers have invented a special technology, thanks to which the operation of laminate with warm floors has become possible.

The innovative material was marked with a special marking, which is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions that come with the product. Near such a mark, there is also a temperature maximum that the material can withstand. It often does not exceed + 28 ° С. In addition, the documentation indicates the type of heating system that is most suitable for such a laminate.

Thermal resistance of laminate

Among the many characteristics of the laminate, the coefficient of thermal insulation is also indicated. It is necessary to pay attention to it first of all. The higher the indicated figure, the higher the resistance of the material. If we turn to European standards and norms, then by their standards the value of this coefficient should not be higher than 0.15 m2 * K / W. Also, do not forget that you have to take into account the resistance of the substrate.

As for the class of laminate, then in this matter it is worth remembering only one thing: the higher it is, the better the material is.

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