Tips for Choosing a Safe Bunk Bed
Tips for Choosing a Safe Bunk Bed

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Tips for Choosing a Safe Bunk Bed

Often, when choosing furniture for a children's room, parents are faced with a rather difficult choice before buying: a single or bunk bed? In fact, everyone is free to choose what he likes, but in the case of children, it is worth thinking about what will be more comfortable and useful for them. A bed with two tiers allows you to save a lot of space in the room, which will enable the child to play in a larger area. Psychologists say that children simply need a lot of free space in order to develop harmoniously, especially when it comes to preschool children.

Thanks to the bunk bed, the child will be able to play on a huge territory, which in turn will allow him to create his own world in which he will dream and play with friends. Of course, any responsible parent will think for a long time about whether to give preference to such furniture, and even if he is attracted by the listed advantages, the safety issue remains unsolved. Many people believe that such a loft bed is actually dangerous and not suitable for children's rooms, because the baby can spin during sleep and fall from a great height to the floor.

However, you must understand that children are constantly moving, bumping into something, falling and scratching their knees and elbows. If you remove all potentially dangerous items from the apartment, then nothing will remain in it except mattresses. Now that all doubts are behind, the only important question to be dealt with is: “What to consider when buying a bunk bed?”. First of all, you should make sure that the bed is strong and reliable. To do this, you must personally make sure that her legs are sufficiently stable and do not stagger. There is no need to give preference to elaborate props with beautiful carvings, etc. For your own peace of mind and the safety of the child, you should choose thick, durable legs. In order to make sure that the bed has excellent stability, you need to climb onto the top tier yourself. If, after this test, she does not stagger and still proudly stand in her place, then you can be sure that such furniture will not give slack when the child sleeps or plays on it.

Next, you need to check the height of the sides of the upper tier, which provide a safe sleep. The minimum height of such a fence is 30 cm or more. The last step is to measure the distance between the tiers. The best option is when an adult can sit on the lower tier and will not bang his head on the upper one.

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