Illuminated signs, advertising steles: application features
Illuminated signs, advertising steles: application features

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Illuminated signs, advertising steles: application features

Light boxes or light boxes, signs and light steles are bright and memorable advertising structures that attract attention and have an effective impact on consumers. They are used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the backlight, they perfectly perform their functions both during the day and at night.

Lightboxes are boxes with images and / or text, illuminated from the inside. Most often they are used as advertising stands or signboards. The lightbox can have a different design: one- or two-sided, with or without a profile. The working side (or two sides), on which the information is placed, is made of polycarbonate, acrylic glass or transparent banner fabric.

Light boxes used as signs with one-sided surface are attached to the facade of the building, with two-sided ones - perpendicular to it. The image and text on them are recreated using color large-format printing or light-scattering film, and fluorescent, neon lamps or LEDs are used for backlighting.

An interesting option is with an opaque working panel - in this case, it is almost entirely made of aluminum composite materials, and only letters shine on it. The use of the "contour" technology in such light boxes implies, in addition to letters, the illumination of the working panel along the perimeter.

The side, opaque sides of lightboxes are made of sheet metal, aluminum or durable plastic. However, it is also possible to manufacture light boxes without profiles - they are much lighter than traditional ones. In this case, acrylic plastic is used, which can be bent as needed. However, the reliability of such boxes is somewhat lower, which can lead to frequent breakdowns and the need to repair signage.

Non-profile lightboxes are often used when advertising structures need to be given a non-standard, intricate shape. Today, light boxes remain one of the most popular advertising structures: this is due not only to their efficiency, but also to their relatively low cost.

As for advertising light steles, they differ from light boxes, first of all, in their volume and, as a consequence, in a wide variety of shapes. These freestanding vertical structures can be of various sizes: sometimes their height reaches several tens of meters. Their application is varied, and the design is chosen depending on the goals pursued by this advertising structure.

Luminous company logos are often placed on the steles, as well as information from various advertisers who rent advertising surfaces. Steles can serve as landmarks and act as signs on the streets of large cities. These structures are also mobile, small in size - from 0.3 to 1.2 m, backlit, powered by the mains.

Such advertising steles are used in sales areas, at exhibitions, etc. They can have removable panels - such designs are somewhat more expensive. However, regardless of their size, advertising light steles are an extremely effective type of image advertising that invariably attracts attention.

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