Does your man not want you?
Does your man not want you?

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Does your man not want you?

Many women believe that their men are very tired at work, so they don’t have the strength to go to bed at all. They then discuss these moments with each other, complain about life, which is so harsh. But in reality it's not like that. A survey of men revealed that many of them use this ploy to evade sex. Referring to fatigue after work, they avoid intimacy. Women also have similar tricks, for example, a headache or the arrival of critical days.

Many men try to be treated as sick because they really believe they are. They are classified as hypochondriacs, a sort of malingerers. If your man begins to show such signs, then it is better to go with him not to a simple doctor, but to a psychologist who can deal with his problems.

If a man constantly talks openly about his busyness, then you should ask him to write on a piece of paper a list of all the things he has done over the past week. In order to understand the true essence of his work, you just need to make him do it, despite all the excuses.

It is necessary to understand at the root what exactly does not suit your man. This will help resolve the issue. Many men adore sex, especially with a woman who often wants it. But if a man in bed has stopped fulfilling his long, this is an alarming sign.

Some men are so lazy that it is difficult for them to return to their usual rhythm after a certain quarrel that has changed this rhythm. We must try to talk on this topic with a man, ask him frankly about the true reason for the attenuation of intimacy. If the situation remains the same, then it is necessary to change the course of things and the level of personal responsibility, and it is also worth reversing roles. If a man spends a lot of energy on work to earn a living, then you should tell him that now he will do household chores, and you are ready to completely immerse yourself in work. It is necessary to translate his own go-ahead in his direction.

The above often helps to change the rhythm of intimate relationships. But if a man has not changed his attitude, then you just need to leave him or tell him that if everything remains the same in the near future, then you will leave him. The fear of losing such a sweet nest called "good relationships" for men is very strong.

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