Everything you need to know about MDF doors
Everything you need to know about MDF doors

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Everything you need to know about MDF doors

MDF, despite its relatively recent entry into the market, has already gained great popularity. MDF interior doors, well known for their strength and durability, are in particular demand. Some MDF products are of great interest among elite customers - the possibility of changing the design of the finished model makes such an order profitable for large companies.

Principles of creating MDF
The raw materials for finished products are made from solid wood waste. But don't be intimidated by the word "waste"! The key difference between MDF and chipboard is the absence of toxic substances and resins in the resulting model.

Lingin, obtained from natural wood, performs the binding functions in the case of MDF boards. And the fact that the materials used are essentially a by-product significantly lowers the price of MDF door trims.

Among other advantages:

wear resistance;
resistance to mechanical stress;
low thermal and hydrosensitivity.
Finishing options
Despite the novelty of this material, there are already several standard methods of using MDF doors in interior design. So, veneered doors usually look good in classic-style rooms, but the possibility of using exotic decor makes it an excellent choice for those who like to experiment.

Finishing with PVC or laminate will cost you significantly less, moreover, it will provide an opportunity to experiment with colors. A separate plus is the ability to choose the texture of the finishing material and the texture of the picture - this is where there is a lot of fantasy.

Often, to create a unique look for a door, glass inserts are used, which can be completely different - both simple glass "windows" and composite stained-glass structures. Depending on what design goals you want to achieve, choose the door to your liking.

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