Choosing a driving school
Choosing a driving school

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Choosing a driving school

You can get a license and get behind the wheel of your car only after studying at a driving school and successfully passing an internal exam and an exam at the traffic police. The choice of the place of training will largely depend on how good a driver you become.

Choosing a driving school with a huge number of offers can be a daunting task. What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a place of study so as not to run into trouble during the educational process?

Studying for obtaining a license consists of the following components:

theoretical training;
simulator training;
driving at the autodrome;
driving through the city streets.

Theoretical training can take place both in a group and individually. Driving schools also offer various options for teaching theory - a weekend group, evening groups, groups that study in the afternoon or in the morning. Depending on your work schedule, you can choose the right option.

Training in a group lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 months, with individual lessons you can regulate the duration of the training yourself - with such training, you will have to spend a lot of time at the computer, giving lectures and solving exam tasks, so it is much easier to buy rights.

The simulator training is just a few sessions where you will be introduced to driving principles, pedaling and gear shifting.

At the circuit, you will need to practice standard exercises, which will be shown to you by the driving instructor U-turn, snake, overpass, reverse parking, side parking, garage entrance.

Most of the hours are allocated for driving around the city. this is the most important part of learning. The routes are usually known in advance - you can get acquainted with them with the instructor.

Having learned the main stages of study, you can highlight the criteria for choosing a school:

Find out the opinion of your friends - reviews are a good helper in any choice. It is important to choose a driving school with a good reputation and a high percentage of graduates in the traffic police.
When choosing a driving school, prices are not the least important, be sure to compare several offers.
Find out the location of not only the main building of the driving school, but also the circuit. Most often they are located outside the city, where sometimes it is not easy to get there. Some schools organize the transportation of students, and in some you will have to get to the place yourself.
Check out the car park - you are unlikely to want to drive old cars.

When choosing, the main thing is not to rush, but to think over everything thoroughly and carefully. Good luck with your choice!

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