How to conduct a successful self-presentation
How to conduct a successful self-presentation

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How to conduct a successful self-presentation

Every day we demonstrate ourselves to the people around us. As a rule, we do not think about how to make a good impression on other people, and if we start thinking, we do not know how to do it. But a well-prepared and composed self-presentation can bring a good positive result.

How to conduct a successful self-presentation
We will consider various criteria for self-demonstration, which you can use when you want to impress people and achieve the desired result, not only in long-term training, but also in everyday life.

First you need to understand what self-presentation is. It is understood as a verbal and nonverbal representation of a person's personality in the field of external communications. Its main goal is to achieve the commitment to one's personality of the group of people that, in your opinion, is significant.

A well-thought-out, organized self-demonstration will allow you to achieve those things that are not indifferent to you. Let's walk through the main criteria of self-presentation:

Self-regulation is most likely an internal activity that contributes to the organization of ideas about the expectations of others. Be prepared for the fact that your speech causes a reaction that may be the opposite of your reaction.
Expectation analysis - sorting out all possible reactions of people to your speech. If you skip this criterion, you can get into trouble. For example, this happened to Steve Jobs in a speech to Disney shareholders. He organized the sale of his computer, gave a wonderful presentation not only of himself but also of the product. But in the end he collapsed.
Clothing style appropriate to the specific situation, ie you should not wear shorts and a T-shirt for business negotiations. Only some people can afford this, for example, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. This style of clothing in the field of high technology is considered appropriate.
A confident posture with a straight back is the most important criterion that should not be missed in any case. This is an important signal that you give to others. People with this posture on a psychological level are perceived as people who are reliable and trustworthy. The main thing is not to overdo it, so that your behavior is not considered proud.
Mood for conversation - prepare yourself for conversations and try to promote their development among the audience. Your listeners should ask questions because it indicates that there is a connection between you and the audience. If it is absent, do not be afraid to ask someone in the audience: "And what is your opinion on this issue?". Try to start a discussion.
The perception of the listeners is a continuous assessment of their condition. Watch the reaction and try to react to its change. Look not at the doors, windows, walls, but at the audience. This contributes to a sense of significance of each of the listeners.
Concentration - you must be able to control yourself, the mood of the audience. You have to set the tone and control the process.
Self-observation - try to use non-verbal means of communication to express your confidence, namely a smile, open gestures, relaxed posture, pauses, etc. And if you are not completely confident in your abilities, then use phrases that emphasize naturalness. In addition to non-verbal means, use verbal means of communication, such as addressing, developing the topic of conversation, conclusion, etc.

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