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Llegada: 24.05.2022
Lun. Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
Salida: 25.05.2022
Lun. Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
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Kharkiv Hoteles

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Hoteles en Kharkiv

0* Armagedon Hotel, Гостиница Армагедон
Armagedon Hotel, Гостиница Армагедон
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Armagedon hotel prevalece un ambiente de confort europeo que responda a las necesidades del hombre moderno. El espíritu de la antigüedad en combinación con soluciones de última generación. La presencia de servicios complejos, los requisitos y normas pertinentes de la hospitalidad plenamente a las necesidades de los clientes más exigentes.

4* Aurora Hotel, Отель Аврора
Aurora Hotel, Отель Аврора
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Business-Hotel Aurora is a new hotel in the old downtown. This hotel is for those who appreciate the maximum comfort in everything: 37 comfortable rooms of five categories are at your service. Relax in the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort, indulge in safety and impeccable service.

4* Baden-Baden Hotel, Отель Баден-Баден
Baden-Baden Hotel, Отель Баден-Баден
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 El hotel-restaurante del propio complejo Baden-Baden se encuentra en la orilla del lago azul rodeado de selva virgen, a sólo 20 minutos de la ciudad de Kharkiv. Ubicación en el complejo ofrece la oportunidad de sentirse en una isla desierta, como la civilización urbana se retira a una distancia de 2 km.

4* Britaniya Hotel, Отель Британия
Britaniya Hotel, Отель Британия
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 The 4 star Hotel Britania welcomes the guests - without leaving the city. It’s the three-storeyd building located in the picturesque place on the territory of Zhyravlevskiy Hidropark just 10 minutes drive from Kharkov city centre. Here you have a good chance to enjoy the fresh forest air, birds singing and beautiful world of nature.

4* Carnaval Resort & SPA Hotel, Отель Carnaval Resort & SPA
Carnaval Resort & SPA Hotel, Отель Carnaval Resort & SPA
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Carnaval Resort & SPA is a four-star hotel and recreation complex, the impeccable service, high comfort, rich diversity of offers, and advantageous location of which are no doubt beyond comparison. Carnaval Resort & SPA Hotel is situated in a historic place.

4* Chichikov Hotel, Отель Чичиков
Chichikov Hotel, Отель Чичиков
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Welcome to a new Chichikov hotel located in the historical centre of the city of Kharkov. The 4 star Hotel Chichikov is a modern combination of hotel traditions and classical features.

5* Cosmopolit Hotel, Отель Космополит
Cosmopolit Hotel, Отель Космополит
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Cosmopolit Hotel is the first art hotel in Ukraine which is situated in a picturesque park zone in Kharkiv. Art hotel Cosmopolit is an example of hospitality. The design of the hotel is one of the remarkable sights for the guests of the city, and the professional staff team makes you feel absolutely sure that you are in Europe.

3* Druzhba Hotel, Отель Дружба
Druzhba Hotel, Отель Дружба
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Hotel y restaurante complejo Druzhba Motel que está situado en un barrio de la ciudad ecológica en la orilla de un pintoresco lago. Ponemos a su disposición habitaciones estándar individuales y dobles del hotel, de lujo y semi-de-suites de lujo, donde 155 hombres pueden permanecer en el mismo tiempo.

4* Kharkov Hotel, Отель Харьков
Kharkov Hotel, Отель Харьков
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Hotel Kharkov is a modern hotel complex, having all necessary for providing of maximal comfort and cosiness. Hotel’s building is one of the visiting-cards of the city. Kharkov Hotel is located in its heart – on Svobody square, - it gives to the guests the list of additional advantages.

3* Kievskiy Hotel, Отель Киевский
Kievskiy Hotel, Отель Киевский
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Hotel «Kievskiy» is located in the business and cultural centre of Kharkov. Having chosen our hotel, you will easily combine work and leisure. The hotel has a presidential suite, 12 suites, and 51 high-comfort rooms. Flawlessly trained staff will serve you 24 hours a day. In the evening you can have a cup of coffee, taste the most delicious desserts in the city, and enjoy excellent live classical music performance in the lobby bar.

3* Mercury Hotel, Гостиница Меркурий
Mercury Hotel, Гостиница Меркурий
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Mercury Hotel is excellently positioned in a picturesque park zone 5 km far from the Airport, 10 km from the centre of the city and 14 km from the railroad terminal. The Hotel was built in 2004 and it is provided with modern service and security technologies.

4* Mir Hotel, Гостиница Мир
Mir Hotel, Гостиница Мир
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Mir is a prestige hotel-complex situated in the central part of the city on Lenin Avenue. This modern 12-level building is a perfect place for work and rest. The Complex includes the hotel, restaurant, cafe, bars, conference-halls, night-club, hairdressing saloon, billiard, sauna and a Russian bathhouse.

0* Nart Hotel, Гостиница Нарт
Nart Hotel, Гостиница Нарт
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Nart Hotel is located not far from the city center, in a green area on the river shore. It is equipped with comfortable guest rooms, which have an own charm and unique style. All rooms are equipped with ventilation systems, air conditioning, fire protection and security.

4* Park Hotel, Kharkov
Park Hotel, Kharkov
Ubicación: Jarkov, Ucrania

 Park Hotel in Kharkov is located just minutes from the business and cultural center. Park Hotel is the European tradition of hospitality, comfort and style. Park Hotel offers its guests 37 comfortable rooms of various categories. On the ground floor is a bar which serves a range of drinks and cigars.

4* Victoria Hotel, Отель Виктория
Victoria Hotel, Отель Виктория
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 Victoria hotel — is as practical as an office, as cozy as home. It's located in the business centre of the city. A large number of Ukrainian and international banks, financial and trading companies are located nearby.

3* ZS Club Hotel, Гостиница ZS Клуб
ZS Club Hotel, Гостиница ZS Клуб
Ubicación: Kharkiv, Ucrania

 ZS Club Hotel is a business-class hotel. It is located near the park area of central part of Kharkov. Elites rooms, cafe, lobby bar, breakfast (buffet table), sauna, lobby bar, laundry, internet Wi-Fi, satellite television, round-the-clock service...

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