How to decorate a suburban area?

How to decorate a suburban area?

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Lun. Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
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How to decorate a suburban area?

It did not take much time, and the perception of cottages in the minds of the inhabitants of our country has changed dramatically. A few years ago, suburban area associated with us with heavy physical labor. Nowadays many gardeners cottage into a holiday destination where you can rest and relax after a hard week of work and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature. Family trips to the cottage, sitting in the company of friends for a barbecue and a summer holiday at their summer cottage forces us to radically rethink not only the domestic equipment of our site, but also its design. Initially, you need to build a country house. Old furniture, which was in the country house a second life, can be used not only as furniture, but also as objects of decoration to decorate the room. Grow old furniture that bears the marks of time, perfectly fit into the interior of a house in the country. Hang lace zanovesochki, spread out mats and woven mats, can be recreated in a country house atmosphere of the past time. In addition, bringing in interior design unusual items, such as old wooden frames or pictures, which offers art workshop, antique clocks and other things, you can give your room elegance and individuality. How to decorate a suburban area? Also, do not forget about the summer cottage. The easiest way to decorate the infield is the use of bright, colored enamels and paints. All metal structures which have lost over the years of its existence, the beauty and luster, can be dyed in rich vibrant colors. The fence and the pipeline is also worth to circumvent special attention, as the bright colors much ennoble them. Carefully inspect the area suburban area. An excellent option would be fanciful vases with flowers. Flowers are not necessarily placed on beds and flower beds. A perfect haven for plants can become old buckets, pots, bags and suitcases, most importantly, to buy plant quality soils. Your backyard will look great variety of figurines and statues. Such souvenirs can be purchased in a special shop or even make your own using the available tools. Be sure to decorate the cottage with flowers. A relaxing and festive atmosphere in the country is due to the abundance of colors pyshnotsvetuschih. The more bright flower beds in the area, the better to admire the surrounding plots. Secure with screws outside the house small containers with plants, you thereby create a "live" wall of flowers and ennoble even the most modest house. Organize your uchastochke alpine hill, which, at a certain patience will be the highlight of your summer cottage. In this article, we discussed how you can decorate your country site, without significant material investments. Most importantly, dream, then a beautiful result will not keep you waiting long.
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