Lipki en Kiev
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Llegada: 28.06.2022
Lun. Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
Salida: 29.06.2022
Lun. Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
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Lipki en Kiev

Lypky district poses historical territory of Pechersk. the name “Lypky” appeared after 1774 when a lime-wood was planted in the place. In 1750 buildings of Mariinsky Palace, Alexander Nevsky palatial Church (was not preserved) in Mariinsky Park, the buildings for palatial services were begun. Klovsky Palace was built at Lypky in 1756. After the clearance of the lime-wood the territory has been built up with detached houses of riches and has become an aristocratic district of Kiev since 1833. Here the center of the high administration bodies of the city was organized. There were the governor general’s house and chancery, the house of the Commander-in-Chief of Kiev, the first gymnasium, old Public establishments, banks at Lypky. Traditions established in the 18th century were preserved till nowadays. The building of the Administration of President of Ukraine, the buildings of the Supreme Council, the National Bank of Ukraine, the House of Government and a lot of other office-blocks are situated at Lypky now. Great many of the mansard buildings have appeared, new buildings are being built. The green decoration of the streets and lanes has not changed. Swimming in green lush crowns of trees the streets of Lypky district keep their coolness in the hottest weather. The streets got their ancient names and so one can walk for hours and hours down the streets of Lypky and discover more and more of the Kiev history.

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