Hôtel Andriivskyi, Lviv, Ukraine
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Arrivée: 30.06.2022
Lun. Mar. Mer Jeu. Ven. Sam. Dim.
Départ: 01.07.2022
Lun. Mar. Mer Jeu. Ven. Sam. Dim.
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Andriivskyi Hôtel

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Hôtel Andriivskyi, Lviv, Ukraine

Andriivskyi Hotel in Lviv.

Andriivskyi Hotel

112, K.Levytskogo street,
Lviv, Ukraine

Andriivskyi Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine

No hotel of Lviv creates such unique combination of luxury and home atmosphere as does the Guest House Andriivskyi. Every effort was made to meet your most sophisticated expectations. Welcome to Andriivskyi Hotel - Castle and Noble Estate.

Everything in this Hotel - is waiting for you. You can feel happy here. In each room you can feel aristocracy. You can see luxury in carpets and lights, curtains and paintings and sense it in the serene ambience. Isn't it pleasant to stay in Lviv, where above the entrance is the generic emblem of the House, a descendant of an ancient Polish family. Everything in the House is in the best traditions of the old noble families.

Rooms in Andriivskyi Hotel.

Business Room in Andriivskyi Hotel.

Expensively decorated room with two beds located separately will pleasantly surprise you. The owners of the house successfully managed to combine luxury with business style. The room decoration is perfect either for leisure or work. Warm colors, carpets and walls create your comfort.
Business Room in Andriivskyi Hotel

Royal Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel.

French King Louis XVIII said "Accuracy is the politeness of Kings". Feel the unprecedented luxury in furniture, king-size bed, purple and gold finish, color of curtains, every detai all was perfectly designed to please, Your Majesty. Spacious bathroom is an unchallengeable peculiarity of this suite. Plunge into the pleasure of relax in the royal style. This room is what dreams are really made of.

Royal Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel

Ambassador Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel.

This spirit of this room is as special as an ambassador of a rich country who possesses special powers, proudly and with dignity presenting his credentials to you: the precious and elegant decoration, golden curtains and richness of natural finish. Trust and respect Him as you respect yourself – this room can be relied on.

Ambassador Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel

Suite Premium in Andriivskyi Hotel.

Real aristocrats will appreciate this room. The Mocharskyhes’ family emblem "Big deals begin with a wish" is embroidered on the pelmets here. Austere style of the suite successfully harmonizes with the luxury. Splendor of furniture, wealth of carpets and beauty of decorations is truly inspiring.

Suite Premium in Andriivskyi Hotel

Suite Classic in Andriivskyi Hotel.

This room is for people who can appreciate beautiful and expensive things. Intertwined patterns of the decoration and positive energy of the wooden furniture make peace of your mind. The carpet creeps under your feet like green moss. A multilayer curtains will hide you from the noise and city fuss.

Suite Classic in Andriivskyi Hotel

Presidential Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel.

The suite consists of two rooms. Bedroom is truly presidential. There are lamps made from stained glass on the bedside tables. The light from them is soft and dreamy. Study has a solid desk which inspires you with wise thoughts and presidential decisions.

Presidential Suite in Andriivskyi Hotel
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