Chiese e cattedrali in Poltava
Chiese e cattedrali in Poltava, Templi di Poltava, Ucraina, luoghi divina di Poltava, Religione a Poltava, Poltava Cattedrali, guida Poltava, Poltava 2010, Poltava unica, la storia di Poltava

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Chiese e Cattedrali

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Chiese e cattedrali in Poltava

0* Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral, Крестовоздвиженский собор
Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral, Крестовоздвиженский собор
Località: Ucraina, Poltava

 Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral was built in the 17 st. in honor of the victory of Ukrainian troops of the Polish Army. And these days, and in the historical era Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Cathedral is a cultural and educational center of the left-bank Ukraine. Initially, and for many years, the monastery was a male, but after a time he was transferred to the female.

0* Faith, Hope, Love Temple, Храм Веры, Надежды, Любви
Faith, Hope, Love Temple, Храм Веры, Надежды, Любви
Località: Ucraina, Poltava

 In 2002, initiated by the city government, women's religious communities in Poltava, was erected an entirely new temple in the name of the Great Faith, Hope, Love, and their mother Sofia. The project belongs to Honored Artist of Ukraine architect Chernoschekov. Novovozvedenny temple consecrated Bishop of Poltava and Kremenchug Philip. In the middle of the church of Jesus Christ's earthly dwelling separates the full height of the church carved iconostasis, made by masters Lviv firm "Glow".

0* Sampsoniy Church, Сампсониевская церковь
Sampsoniy Church, Сампсониевская церковь
Località: Ucraina, Poltava

 Sampsoniy Church was built on the field of the battle of Poltava in honor of the victory of the Russian army over the Swedish army of Charles XII, which occurred June 27, 1709. Start of construction was June 27, 1852 on a project that the architect of Charlemagne, and was completed and consecrated in the name of Reverend Sampson Strannopriimtsa July 15, 1856.

0* Troitska Church, Троицкая церковь
Troitska Church, Троицкая церковь
Località: Ucraina, Poltava

 Troitska Church was built in 1780. In the historical center of villages, in the Baroque style. Church parishioners were primarily Cossacks. Troitska Church describes the church building during the transition from baroque to classicism.

0* Uspenskyi Cathedral, Успенский Собор
Uspenskyi Cathedral, Успенский Собор
Località: Ucraina, Poltava

 The wooden church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was known more of the 80-ies the XVII century. In those days the walls of the temple in 1687, meets Hetman detachment Samoilovych archpriest Ivan Velichkovsky, famous Ukrainian poet Baroque 2nd half of the XVII Century, former editor of the Chernigov printing. His son Paissy Velichkovsky, a native of Poltava, is the founder Illinskogo Skete on Mount Athos in Greece.

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