Cattedrale della Santa Trinità a Dnepropetrovsk
Cattedrale della Santa Trinità a Dnepropetrovsk, foto, descrizione, informazioni, hotel vicino a Cattedrale della Santa Trinità

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Cattedrale della Santa Trinità

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Cattedrale della Santa Trinità a Dnepropetrovsk

Holy Trinity Cathedral was built in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, in place of the first urban church. A small wooden church, consecrated January 15, 1791, after 40 years of dilapidated and the merchants of the city appealed to the St. Petersburg architects Charlemagne - Bode LI Visconti and PI, who designed the Church of the Assumption. The architects also met and a new draft - the merchant. In 1837, already sanctified place in the new church. In the 1860's before the church on the project one of the local architects formed a big stone tower. And later, between the bell tower and the temple built connecting aisle, almost doubling the area of the church. In the cathedral there are shrines such as the icon of the Holy Trinity with the particle Mamvriyskogo oak icon "Weeping Savior"; icon "Iver", "Kazan", "It Is", "Samara", two reliquary crosses with relics revered in Orthodox saints.

Holy Trinity Cathedral
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