«Gioventù del Dnieper» a Dnepropetrovsk
«Gioventù del Dnieper» a Dnepropetrovsk, fotografia, descrizione, foto, informazioni, hotel vicino a «Gioventù del Dnieper»

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Mon Mar Mer Gio Ven Sab Dom
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«Gioventù del Dnieper»

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«Gioventù del Dnieper» a Dnepropetrovsk

The history of the sculptural composition "Youth of the Dnieper" very interesting. It is situated at the bank of the Dnieper River. She created the famous sculptor Peter Evlampievich Kutsenko in 1982.

The sculpture was cast in bronze and her weight was 3.5 tons. The creation of this amazing song gone exactly one year. Author's inspiration to create the sculpture was a public holiday of Ivan Kupala, where traditionally girls allowed to water wreaths. That is why the author's composition showed young women in the Ukrainian shirts, with wreaths in the boat.

Youth of Dnieper
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